Ellen Christiansen is a figurative sculptor working from life.

She was trained at Camberwell School of Art by Brian Taylor. During 2010 she worked alongside him on portraits of his sons and in 2011 she spent a year in Taylor’s studio. During that time she made a sculpture of his dog Lily under his guidance.

She has exhibited with the Society of Portrait Sculptors for the last 3 years and was given the Talos Award 2011 for the best non member newcomer.

Ellen has worked with horses, including the racehorse Stone of Folca, world record holder over 5 furlongs and a Percheron stallion Axl who is a working horse based in the New Forest.

As the winner of The Founders’ Sculpture Prize 2014/15  she is now working on a half scale figure of Odysseus to be exhibited in the Guildhall Summer 2015.




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